Guitar Clinic interview: Hugo Mariutti

01- Hello Hugo, how are you? Thank you so much for the opportunity of the interview! Let’s start by talking about the title of your new songbook "Bloog Strings" , a pretty heavy metal strong title, don’t
you think? Why did you choose it?

HM: Perfect, the spirit is precisely that one, because all the songs transcripted on the book are Heavy Metal. I thought it was a strong name and really did fit the concept of the songbook. I feel that musicians sometimes go like: "I play metal, but I also play jazz", as if playing metal were easy, in other words, I respect all the styles, but I am a rock n’ roll musician and that’s my best.

02- How did you come up with the idea of doing this songbook?

HM: I got a lot of e-mails asking me the solos and riffs from the songs I’ve recorded in my career, questions about which tuning I used and etc. Since nothing official has ever been released, mainly from Ritual and Reason, I decided to do the transcriptions myself and to put together in a songbook the most important parts of the songs like Turn Away, Time Will Come, Distant Thunder, etc.

03- How did you choose the songs to feature the songbook?

HM: I chose songs from Ritual and Reason and the Henceforth CD, in other words I took the little parts from the solos and the most important riffs from all thos songs and I wrote everything, because this way the reader will learn these songs in the best way possible.

04-  Which song was the hardest one to transcript?

HM: The ones I had to learn the riffs and solos again, such as Ritual, which I haven’t played since 2004 more or less, Over Your Head, which I think we played until 2003, beside some other ones, but it was a really cool job to do, I used to do that when I had finished writing a song late at night.

05- What’s the response from the fans so far?

HM: It has been pretty cool, because the book can be purchased in some malls , Galeria do rock (typical place in São Paulo) , the internet… The fans who attend to Andre Matos band concerts will be able to purchase the songbooks there and they will definitely be happy  with the product, because it is really cool.

06-  Have you ever had the idea of doing a Songbook which besides talking about how to play the songs, to talk about the equipment used on it?

HM: I think it’s a pretty cool idea and I aim to do that,  I have already done a workshop inside a studio talking about it. The problem about a issue like that is that there’s no standard to get a sound from a studio, because several influences on the sound which you get from your equipment, so a book like that is very hard to write , but it is something I am very interested in.

07- How are you other projects doing? Could they have been included on new versions of the songbooks?

HM: Definitely! I have just recorded the CD with my project named Remove Silence, together with Fabio Riberio, Ale Souza and Edu Cominato, it is coming soon, at this moment I am finishing the second one of Henceforth and getting started with the writing process of the songs for Andre Matos’s second CD, in other words, when it is all done I will take the time to do another songbook.

08- What are your plans for the future?

HM: As I told you on the question above, there are a lot of things happening in the moment, in January I will be touring with Andre Matos band, a tour with Edguy, besides concerts which we will do in Brazil until the end of the year. For those who got interested, please check our websites to know more about it.
09- Which artist have you listened to recently?

HM: A lot of things, I am a musician who looks for listening what I like regardless the style. At this moment I have been listening to some albums of Third, Portishead, the new Metallica album, Remove Silence, which is not released yet (lol), Era Vulgaris by Queens of the stone age…

10- Thank you so much for the interview! Please leave a message to Guitar clinic’s viewers.

HM: I am the one to thank you for the opportunity and I hope the readers enjoy my new effort (Bloog Strings) and if you have any doubts just e-mail One more time thank you!

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