Metal Christmas: Tempestt, Hangar and Andre Matos at Citibank Hall – São Paulo, December 12th 2008


Well, each time I go to some especially extraordinary concert, I lack words to describe it, so this review is nothing but a mere pale reflection on what happened at Citibank Hall 😉


But I’ll start with the beginning, of course! 😛 As soon as I arrived at the venue I was shocked: where’s the line?? (here in Brazil there’s a line for everything, and when it comes to metal concerts…you don’t want to know :P). There were about a dozen people, and it was already 7:45 pm. Considering that Tempestt was announced to play at 8:30 sharp, I thought that was very strange! Fortunately, I found some well-known faces there and we kept on talking – meanwhile, the line was growing, but it was nothing exceptional….I got very disappointed with the lack of a decent public L


Anyway, the band Tempestt started its presentation at about 9:30. I don’t know if it was due to my location or what, I thought the sound was way too loud, to the point of distorting the songs – all I heard was a mix of noisy guitars and drums…I could barely hear the singer, which is a pity because he seemed to sing very well, and they played a Deep Purple cover, Burn!! But the presentation seemed interesting enough for me to want to buy their album at the stand located in the hall during the break between Tempestt and Hangar.


Now let me stray a little bit from the subject: during that very break, guess who I saw at the hall? A musician with a very unpleasant attitude…the ex-drummer of a certain ex-band, you know? (hint: he stole the name from the main attraction of the night).


Soon the band Hangar is onstage. I had heard about them, but I had never had the opportunity to listen to their songs. The first thing that attracted my attention was the singer, despite of the fans beside me yelling “Aquuuiiiles!!!” all the time. At the end of the presentation I found out the singer’s name is Nando Fernandes – he’s very competent, he “moshed” and his visual is very cool with that big hair heheheh (I bet that sometimes some people ask him about his shampoo, just like they do to Andre :P). The band seemed very tight and professional, and Aquiles (Angra’s ex-drummer) sometimes really does seem to be an octopus, no matter which mask he uses!! The keyboardist (Fábio Laguna) also caught my attention, even if his keyboard was “dancing” so much over its iron legs that I thought it would fall down any minute – it gave me a sort of anguish, I confess 😛 At the end of their concert, an Iron Maiden medley (with bits of songs such as Run to the Hills, Aces High, Fear of the Dark, Be quick or be dead and so on…) that drove us crazy!!!


Around midnight something, a familiar intro is heard – it’s Menuett, and at this point I have a dilemma: headbanging or video?!? I choose video, since I’m sitting at a privileged spot and I brought my camera despite it being forbidden 😛 But the whole venue is shaking, both with the vibration of the music itself and also because of the fans next to me – the video is like some sort of “Blair Witch” movie, but what can I do!! The other files are a little better…From that song onward, I kept alternating between enjoying/headbanging/loud out of tune singing and filming. The songs which are already registered on RituAlive I didn’t even bother recording, but how could I ignore Angels Cry and A Cry from the Edge?!? So I decide to make an effort: singing silently while filming, so that the videos don’t get ruined by my horrible out-of-tune screaming!!!


I can’t recall the exact order of the songs in the setlist, but it was something like:


Intro (Menuett)

Letting Go


Separate Ways

Looking Back

Angels Cry

Living for the Night/A Cry from the Edge

Distant Thunder


Nothing to Say

Time to be Free


How Long

Fairy Tale

Turn Away

Carry On



As usual, what can I say about the show itself? WOW!!!! That’s the first exclamatory word I can think of J I couldn’t make it to the previous Andre Matos concerts at Kazebre and at SESC Santo André, so the last time I saw them play (the acoustic presentation at Shopping Morumbi was a different story) was in Jaú – April 2007 – when we only knew Rio (now in retrospect, I remember that on that occasion they played three unreleased songs: Rio, Letting Go and How Long). The feeling I had about that concert in Jaú is still very clear to me: it was as if the original Angra was back, but much better!! They were explicitly excited about being back on the stage and showing us both new and old material, we could clearly see the satisfaction on their faces!


I thought that now, after over a year, their excitement wouldn’t be as big – clear mistake!!!! Not only are they keeping the same positive energy that spreads all over the place, but also they seem to have improved musically-wise. I couldn’t tell how, since technically they’re always so perfect, but I did feel a difference (for the better, which at first would seem impossible :P) in relation to that. Maybe it’s because of the constant rehearsals, or maybe it’s the time they’re passing together that’s making them bond more since 2007. Bah, I don’t know, the fact is at the end of the concert we were all stupefied and we witnessed a wonderful show, with surprising changes on the setlist (I never even hoped to hear A cry from the edge live in my whole life!!!!) and a very emotional closing, with each musician, one by one, abandoning their respective instruments and waving to the crowd at the end of the song Endeavour, until all that was left was Andre Matos and his solitary piano sound – the lights turn off, end of the concert, but…


Backstage: a lot, a lot, a loooootttt of people!! Families of the musicians, people who had bought the VIP ticket who had the right to meet and greet the band, fans who had been lucky enough to be picked up by the Fan Club, the FC’s members (myself included), the musicians from the bands Hangar and Tempestt, well…man!



The space was rather small for so many people, it was hard to even take pictures, but still, the musicians took pictures and distributed autographs to whomever asked them, and were very kind, they even found time to chat a bit with each person, despite all the harassment! Heheheh J


While I was talking to Zaza (by the way, his son was there, he’s so cute!!!), I was surprised to hear him mentioned my site, and I wholeheartedly appreciate the compliments! I think they’re musicians of such talent that they deserve a lot of recognition, much more than they have today, and I can only do so much to help divulge their admirable talents and charismas.


Eloy (the drummer), poor boy, had a very badly injured thumb for playing so hard, and all the musicians at a certain point were very tired, wondering how the next day would be, since they had to go to Curitiba (a city that’s lots of hours far away), distribute autographs again, play again, etc…we all left – they went to their bus, a certain amount of fans still lingered nearby chatting, and I went to pick up a taxi: 4 am (which reminded me of the initial verse from A cry from the edge: “6 am and I’m still awake…”). End of the game for us, but for the people in Curitiba, Rio, etc, it was just the beginning…


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