A few comments from the fans about the Edguy/Heat/Andre Matos concert in London

Awesome, setlist, most prob out of order appart from start and finish. 1. Intro (Menuett) 2. Letting Go 3. Rio 4. Nothing to say (angra song) 5. How Long (Unleashed away) 6. Lisbon (Angra song) 7. Seperate Ways (journey cover) 8. Unfinished Allegro/Carry On (angra song) Shouldn’t be missing any but you never know. There was a mini guitar solo before How Long, I believe it was How long.. I do wonder what most people thought of Andre Matos and if most people knew who he was with his rich history, Angra for example and the fact he is practically a celebrity in Brazil. It was strange he finally coming to the UK playing such a small gig in a venue I consider awful but wow! I do think his music was harder to get into than say Edguy or H.E.A.T, plus the sound didn’t help.. Any thoughts on the legend himself?

I thought Andre was amazing! He certainly had the presence although the vocals didn’t seem all that strong. Has any got the set list for him? The band he had behind him was outstanding, I prefered him far more than I did H.E.A.T Edguy’s performance was amazing, although I would of altered the setlist a little. Tobi best stick to his word and come back before the end of the year!

Not a weak band at all last night. H.E.A.T. were brilliant. Can’t believe Andre played Separate Ways, even if I was the only bastard singing my heart out for the legendary Journey. Oh, and Edguy’s set was incredible. The Pharaoh and Out of Control. I need say no more.

wooooooooooooooooooooooooo was awesome :P:P:P:P, support were good, the sound levels were poor at the start of andre set which was bad, but was there for edguy and they rocked, hope come back soon!!!

ANDRE. First gig in England, even though hes been in Viper, Angra, Shaman and other little things, yet finally is here playing material from all of those with members of Angra and Shaman so i was happy.. his setlist was good enoug to support with. Not sure Zaza having a guitar solo was good but it seemed to work, not like it was a shred fest of a few minutes 🙂 Something felt amiss for me though, maybe because i’d wanted to see Andre half my life and he was amazing, his presence was like you expect, however the venue and sound didn’t do any favours and I feel compared to HEAT, Andre’s music wasn’t easy to get into straight off unless you were a fan or knew a lot of the material.. This is a shoutbox post not a review, shutthefuckup David! I do hope Andre comes back, there are fans here.. but I don’t know how many were really there last night!

I really enjoyed Andre Matos. His drummer looked about 18 and he was ruddy spectacular! Very impressed, but his CDs were going for £20. "Bugger that," I said.

Rickles_the_Mighty wrote:I really enjoyed Andre Matos. His drummer looked about 18 and he was ruddy spectacular!

The drummer is 17

But yeah André Matos was fantastic, the sound mix was fairly awful in comparison with H.e.a.t but I enjoyed it nonetheless, nice to hear a couple of Angra songs too.

H.e.a.t got a bit dull after half the set, seemed like I’d heard all the songs before.

Edguy were far beyond my expectations, I really enjoyed it, looking back the set list was fairly poor, but it doesn’t matter, I was impressed.

Edguy were incredible. I think that’s the best ‘ve heard Tobi sing, he seemed to nail all the high notes and The Pharaoh was worth the price of admission alone.

Heat were enjoyable and although Andre Matos took a while to get going, I thought the last few songs were really good. All in all a great night.

Loved the whole 80s vibe of H.E.A.T, and they had some good tunes as well, I bought their album from the merch stand and will be playing it v shortly.

They really set the bar pretty high to the extent that Andre Matos I felt a bit sorry for, he looked like he was giving it his all, but you couldn’t hear him that well. It got better towards the end, and the whole thing was pretty listenable, but something just seemed missing.

Really enjoyed Andre Matos myself, went to check out the CD but no way were me and Rick paying £20 for it.

H.E.A.T. Were funny 1 Guitarist looked like he’d raided Bon Jovi’s woredrobe, another Izzy Stradlins, the Drummer looked about 15, the Singer like a Cowboy and the Bassist me and Rick couldnt decide if it was a guy or a woman! Couple of good songs thou!

Andre Matos was a let down although like you say the drummer was awesome. But the bassist and guitarist on the right looked like they were two tramps from dudley bus station who they had just dragged in and the other guy would have been better suited to the WWE lol.

sources: http://www.lastfm.com.br/event/716510 and http://www.bloodstock.uk.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16342&st=0&sk=t&sd=a


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