Edguy & Andre Matos in Belgium

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2009, 5:09 AM
written by Eveline aka Manga-eefke
I’ve been to the concert of Edguy in Vosselaar, Belgium, yesterday! With H.E.A.T. and Andre Matos as support act!!
Andre Matos and Edguy are 2 of my fav bands, together with Sonata and HIM of course lol!

Me and my father (yeah I took my father with me) left around half past 1 to drive all the way to Belgium, well it wasn’t that far actually…
We arrived at the venue, Biebob, at half past 3. And there was no one!! I was like WTF? I expected there to be a whole line of people waiting for the doors to open. But no. And suddenly the doors opened, and ANDRE MATOS STEPPED OUTSIDE!!!
I was like: WTF! it’s really him! So I asked him if he wanted to take a picture with me! and so we did^^ I told him I’m a big fan and HE HUGGED ME because he thought that was so nice of my to say lol!
We had a small talk and then went on to make some photos of the snow, ’cause there was a lot of snow!
After that we went to eat something. At half past 5 we came back to the Venue, still no one!!
After a few minutes a man arrived and after that some more people. We stood one and a half hour in the freezing cold (-5 degrees).
But when de doors opened I was first inside!
So I ran to the stage and chose my spot, right in front of the singer (dúh)

The concert started and it was fantastic! All 3 bands were cool and my father and I made a lot of cool photos (though I didn’t take my new cam with me, afraid of breaking or losing it).
During the concert Tobias, singer of Edguy, gave me a hand and smiled brightly Me too of course!!
And when they went backstage for a little break, I climbed on stage and picked 3 guitar picks from the ground!!
I gave one to the girl next to me though, or it would be a bit selfish xD

After the concert I bought 2 t-shirts, one from Andre Matos and one from Edguy^^
But I didn’t leave, I waited until the artists came back, because there was no separated entrance for them, so they had to pass me
So I waited near the stage ’till they returned. In the mean time, I talked to Eloy Casagrande, the drummer of Andre Matos’ band. He’s only 17 years old But I told him his drumsolo was really cool, and he was very happy to hear that^^ I also took a picture together with him
Few minutes later Andre came, and I asked him if he wanted to sign my ticket (I forgot to ask his autograph when I met hem outside lol) He wrote my name wrong though, he wrote something like: To AEvelina XD but oh well… it doesn’t matter^^ I took another picture with him lol, well he proposed it  I think he still remembered me, because he asked: Do you want to take another picture with me?
Well OF COURSE! rawr
Also the guitar player came back. I asked him also to take a picture with me, but he had a trunk with him so he said: Yeah of course, together with my dirty clothes xD
Well half an hour later Tobias finally arrived!
He also signed my ticket and we took a picture together

But that was not all, when me and my father walked back Andre Matos waved at us and said: bye! be careful with the cold
Sure! I fell asleep in the car though, when I came home it was 3 a.m *yawn*

But this was probably the best concert ever!!
I’ll upload photos of it as soon as I can, also some my dad take, ’cause they’re all worth showing


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