Andre Matos – French report

written by Mirette
Beginning with Heat (I don’t remember at which time): for me it’s a good surprise. Good band, each one has a lot of energy. Great moment !

Andre’s show was too much good but too short ! Here is the setlist (the same but in another order)

Letting go
Nothing to say
Separate ways
How long
Carry on

As Andre said (we could talk a few minutes with him after the show) he just had time to "come in the show" (I don’t know how to translate it, but maybe it`s "warm up"?)

Edguy begun his show at 21h (also the first time I see Tobias with Edguy) All the band played with us. Very good show !

Just one regret for this night : Andre’s show is too short !

Next : tomorrow in Bordeaux 🙂

For the Bordeaux report, I just saw Andre’s show. The setlist was the same that in Paris. It was a great show ! The audience was very enthusiastic and sang with Andre !

We talked a long time with Andre near the tour bus after the show. He said that vocally, this tour is very difficult for him because as the show is short, he must give the max since the beginning, without waiting that his voice is correctly heated. So, it’s hard …

For the photos, I have to sort them and rework some (darkness and centring). I have problem of focusing with my camera when lights were too dark … it’s an old camera. I think that for Andre’s own tour, I have to change it lol

Next : show in Barcelona. I hope I will able to make some good photos (videos I’m not sure … pb focusing)


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