Andre Matos – Madrid report

written by Jose Galindo
Here I am! (Open Arms…XD)
I will do a very short report of yesterday’s show at Madrid!!

The venue was changed and the new one was an old theater, so the acoustic was really good but it was hot and tiny as hell. The concert went SOLD OUT so it was a great audience.

HEAT…was ok, I DON’T like Hard Rock at all so I can’t be all of that objective, but it was a very boring show, all the songs sound the same, 0 originality. The guys were good but nothing technically complicated was needed so…
They played for 30 min.

Matos and Co. came next, the first song was Letting Go, the audience went crazy, but Andre got problems with the mic and we can’t hear him as well, he seens to be suffering to hear himself so I felt worried, and in Rio, next song, the same happens… I was afraid T_T 

At the end of Rio, Eloy breaks one of the chinese cymbals he got, so we need to wait a bit for him to recover it, time that Matos spends to talk with the audience, and the sound tech seemed to use to adjust properly the mic and gain so in the next song, Nothing To Say, Andre fully sings in all his glory… Nothing To Say was one of the most sing along songs of the whole night, and it was awesome. Later they’ll play How Long and Separate Ways (two of the songs that I like the less in the new album by the way!! I’ll rather liked to hear Looking Back or Endeavour for the record). Then Andre goes to the keyboard… so I asume they’ll start Lisbon!!! But Fabio said something to Andre and he goes to the audience and says it’s going to be the very last song of the night!! :O And they started to play Carry On wich was a blast but C’mon!!! Only 6 SONGS!?!?!?! T__________T I’ve been waiting for 6 years and only 6 songs!!?!?!?! T____T so sad…

I was very sad at that point, and I don’t enjoy that much Edguy, I don’t like the newer material, also Tobias got the same mic problems as Andre but they’ll fix it by the third song or so, so I began to enjoy it. Nice show but I liked much more the show in the Hellfire Tour!! ALSO!! In a moment of the show, Tobias ask people: do you wanna hear more songs? and THEN all the audience kept silence (waiting for Tobias to announce the next song) BUT I screamed out loud: Play Avantasiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Tobias looked at me xD The audience starts to laugh, some guys on the first rows started to shout Avantasia Avantasia! But then Tobias said: It’s and Edguy show, not an Avantasia show, so no Avantasia shows for tonite….

OK, I respect that but C’mon you CANCELLED the Spain show due to weather and we were THE ONLY COUNTRY that HASN’T SEEN AVANTASIA and you’ve got Andre Matos on the venue so what the fuck happens with you arrogant rockstar wannabe!?!??!

Well, at the end of the show I was very dissapointed and almost imagine that Andre shows were that poor because Tobias and Edguy did not treat well enough the guys! I mean, they looked sad…. may I’d just imagined it but…that’s my whole sensation…

Later I’ll meet Eloy Casagrande!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!! O_o!!

I started to talk with him, I kinda want to reproduce the chat because it was so funny and we both speak in many languages xD Very bizarre:

J: Hello Eloy!! Can I take a photo with you?
E: Ok.

(Photo is done. By the way you can check it on my myspace album, I CAN’T make more photos because the camera’s memory card wasn’t found and we need to use the internal memory, with was so little T_T)

J: Obrigado!!
E: Fala portugues?
J: No no, un poco de inglés nada más.
E: Melhor I can’t speak spanish… so poquinho…
J: I’m a very big fan of yours! You’re truly an inspiration for me! I have seen dozens of videos of you in youtube, your website…
E: Oh! You are baterista tb?
J: Si… Está Andre por aqui?
E: El va a salir pronto.
J: Thanks I will wait for him, could you please sign me the booklet?
E: Ok.

(Booklet was signed by Eloy)

J: You need to play longer shows…
E: Yeah we usually play 45 min but today I dunno what happens we only played 40 min…
J: Yeah you dropped Lisbon
E: Certo!
J: You need to came here and play two hours shows like in Slovenia…
E: Slovenia?!?!?
J: Err… I mean.. Slovakia?? No se como se dice T_T
E: Oh yeah Slovakia, nice shows…
J: Yes. When will you release a new album? I want to hear drums from you!
E: When we end the european tour we’re going into studio in Brazil.
J: Oh!!!!! How many songs will you record?!
E: Don’t know we are composing many many songs we got more than 15 composed…
J: Oh!! that’s amazing.. Are they going to be any re-recorded song? Like Moonlight…
E: Ask Andre I don’t know really…
J: You need to ask him for remade Don’t Despair for the first demotape of Angra.
E: O_o what song?!?!
J: Don’t Despair…
E: I will tell Andre…

(I show Hugo and Fabio)

J: I will go for Hugo and Fabio, see you next time!!
E: Gracias!

I talked with Hugo and Fabio, can’t take pics, but asked then for signing my booklet. They were amazed as I wear a Shaman T-Shirt for a very old south american tour:

H: Oh man that was Mexico 2001!!!
F: MM I think it was 2002.
J: Yeah it was 2002! Why didn’t you play any Shaman song on this tour?
H: We only play 45 min we can’t play all the songs we want T_T
F: But maybe we will came the next year and play longer.
J: Oh yes… It’s Matos going to appear soon?
F: He’s doing an interview right now, wait for 20 min or so…
J: Okey thenks so much you were amazing!!

Later I was waiting for Matos and met ZAZA and LUIS but they were very shy and not much fluent in English so I can`t talk as much, but now I can make pics!! 🙂 And also sign the booklet 🙂

Later on Andre Came!!!! AWESOME!! I WAS LIKE IN HEAVEN!!!! I’ll make pic with him and my friends, wait for other people to make photos with him and him then signed some booklets, in my turn I also talk a litle with him, in perfect Spanish, I told him how much I loved him, that he was a huge influence in my life, I also ask him for the next album. He told me that plans are that the album be recorded on May/June and be released in August and then they’ll start a headline tour in europe in october!! AMAZING!! 🙂
I also ask him if he’s going to remade another song like he did with Moonlight, he tells me, "I dunno" and then I’d said; "I will love to hear Don’t Despair from the first demo to be remade" then he was like: oh!! Do you know that song?!?!. Me: Yes It was amazing I allways liked it very much… Andre: (thinks) well maybe if we’ll rearrange that song… it’s my song so it’s not a problem, so I will think about that!!!
ME: O______________–o AMAZING!!!
Then It was other’s people turn so I’d give him a hug (I’ld NEEDED that XD) and said goodbye.

🙂 And that’s all.

I’m so happy ^_^


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6 thoughts on “Andre Matos – Madrid report

  1. Martial says:

    thanks for the report, a lot of valuable informations in it !

  2. So says:

    I already thanked Jose for it, don\’t worry :)True, the talk he had with them had this info about the next works they\’ll release…and I\’m happy he suggested Don\’t Despair, I\’ve met Andre twice and I always forget LOL I agree with him about Tobias not playing any Avantasia songs…everybody was expecting an interaction between him and Matos, even if it was to play only Shaman\’s Pride…but no songs at all?!? And 6 songs is too short a setlist….even in the acoustic promo shows they did in Europe they were playing 6 songs or more LOLLL I would have been frustrated too if I were an european fan…:(

  3. Martial says:

    True, that was frustrating… But it was a blast of energy for the full set. The heaviest band on stage, it helps 🙂 I wasnt a fan of the Edguy setlist, too much mid tempos. To be honest, I think Matos should have wait for a "real" tour. This one was too frustrating for fans, and not enough appealing for Edguy fans (who usually prefers hard rock stuffs, + the overall bad sound of Matos set). That s better than nothing, but it\’s a bit sad. And of course, I was angry to see no interaction with Tobias. Jose\’s right, everybody didnt had the chance to see a Avantasia show !

  4. So says:

    Well, I\’m not sure about this, but I guess Matos did this support-act thing to open doors for his band in Europe…I mean, sure, the old-time fans know him and all, but I\’m guessing it\’s not that many people….he\’s lost a lot of his fan base each time he began with a new band… Some guy found my website some time ago, and was surprised to hear that Matos was still singing (he knew him from the Viper times, and had never heard from him since!!! LOL), imagine that…so…not to mention that they need contacts there with concert producers…again, I\’m guessing he doesn\’t have that many, because the scheduling of his shows was always done by his managers, not by himself or the band…the situation might not be so good for him around the world (here in Brazil the metal scene is pretty weak right now, I don\’t about the rest of the world…), which is probably why he accepted to go there in these terms, to sort of advertise the band and attract more public when they actually go there themselves.

  5. Martial says:

    Of course you\’re right, Matos is losing fans from tour to tour… Last Shaman french tour to date, they were playing in front of 200 people every evening. Not so impressive. This tour could have been really good for him IF : he played at least one hour, he had a good sound, he welcomed tobias on stage. That could have been the best conditions to introduce the new band to the european audience. But of course, it could have been worse 😀 You\’ve got a point talking about concert producers, I hope he is doing a tough "networking" job when he comes to europe, but I know for sure that he\’s well represented in france. He has among his friends the biggest french promoters… but he also has to find a new record company. By the way, is he really without any manager?? Bad point for him, he is brazilian and musician, two reason for him not being a well organized person 😉 I\’m also a little bit afraid for angra… They released an album that was not so welcomed, they did a big break and now we expect them to come for a european tour. I expect their smallest audience ever if they do not release a killer album before. Edguy had almost fullfilled the venue, but that\’s only because they tour every 2 years and release constantly new material. The only way to survive in the metal world. Why do you say brazil has a weak metal scene? I always thought it was pretty healthy, so if that s not the case, that\’s becoming a bit frightening 🙂

  6. So says:

    200 people only? That\’s bad, considering that with Angra Andre attracted big crowds in France…I agree with you about the conditions to introduce the band to the european audience…even why the band gets really good at about the 5th song…but as a support act, the 5th song is almost the final one LOLGood to know he\’s well-represented in France! 🙂 Well, we never know much for sure about Andre…but according to what I\’ve heard, yes, no manager now, it\’s Luís (the bassist) who has been taking care of things, like scheduling concerts….but trust me, his previous managers have done him so much harm that it\’s better to have no manager at all I suppose!!!!As for Angra, I\’m not the best person to talk about them…I don\’t like them 😛 All I\’m going to say is: good thing they\’re facing all these problems, they saw it coming in 1999 and did nothing about it…they built their fame based on the previous members, and they don\’t recognize it, so they can go to hell for all that I care 😛 It\’ll be very good if Confessori is back to the drums with them…they deserve each other :PWell, I say our scene here is weak lately because there are very un-professional people running the business…the ones who are professional, talented and have character are completely ignored and/or passed behind (such as Matos himself, and Viper, and Wizards), they lose money, they get tricked, and they have no sense of publicity whatsoever – they usually end up in the hands of people who are unscrupulous (I don\’t even know if that word exists). On the other hand, some bands seem to think of money only, which is why the truly good musicians have problems with them and this begins to fragment the bands…and the public ;)So…for instance, Matos used to play for an average of 5.000 people (8.000 max) when he was in Angra and Shaman. Now he plays for 600, 1.000 people….very small crowd considering his talent and all the years he\’s been on the road!! It\’s obviously not because his talent diminished, much on the contrary, I think he\’s at his peak now, and the whole band too!! But they don\’t divulge their work enough, and there\’s the rivalry between Angra fans and his fans, and now the Shaman fans…so…it\’s sad and frustrating I think!

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