Henceforth’s demo The Last Day

I used to have this demo tape, but it got lost Thankfully, not everyone is like me, and someone managed to upload this for us to download and listen to it after so many years (this was released in 1996). It’s very nice because this band was considered the "mini-Angra" or "Angra Junior" at that time, since Hugo Mariutti (Luís’s brother) played guitars on it, and Daniel Matos, Andre’s brother, was the singer (nowadays he plays bass) – you WOULD notice it’s his brother singing even if I didn’t tell you, because the resemblance is remarkable at certain points The first link lacks the title-track, which someone else posted on another link (see both below). Enjoy!
credits: Jair and Deyse from Orkut

About Janus

Janus Aureus is my recently-inaugurated personal blog (written in portuguese, but with some texts in english as well). Fiore Rouge is my old (but still very active - in fact, more than Janus :P) blog (I started it back in 2005). Mentalize is a fan-made website (since 2005). if you wish to contact me for any reason, visit my blog and leave a comment OR see email above (top left) - no, my name's not Andre - actually, I'm not even a guy! LOL Long story... O Janus Aureus é meu blog pessoal - escrito em português - ainda sem muito conteúdo, pois foi começado no final de dezembro de 2011. Já o Mentalize foi aberto em 2005 e está escrito em várias línguas *rs* Privilegio o uso do inglês ali porque o pessoal estrangeiro não tem muitas informações sobre o AM. Quem quiser entrar em contato comigo por qualquer motivo, deixe um comentário nos meus blogs ou use o email que está aí em cima à esquerda (e não, eu não sou o Andre - aliás, sou mulher!).

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