Andre Matos at FME (Finnish Metal Expo), in Helsinki, Suomi

February 14th 2009

It was the first time for Andre Matos in Finland, and of course for his band as well. Mariutti brothers were there, as well as the soon 18 year old drum sensation Eloy Casagrande. As predicted, the show started with Menuett and Letting Go, followed by Rio. Have to admit that I don’t remember the set list at all after that, cos’ the show was so fantastic that afterwards I felt just empty inside.

Well, luckily I remember most of the songs on the evening, and one of the biggest highlights was old Angra hit, Carry On, fuckin’ awesome live number. Same awesomeness was Nothing to say as well, I would never have expected to hear Angels Crying live, but I did! Awesome again ! Of course it was great to hear some Shaman songs (Distant Thunder, Fairy Tale) as well as one old Viper song, Living For The Night.

In the show there was a solo part for the another solo guitarist Andre Hernandes and for the drummer boy. Hernandes solo was quite typical shredding, but still very enjoyable. The drummer Eloy seemed like a octopus when he was banging on and on, still quite typical solo from him as well.

All in all, Andre and band played for almost two hours, and the show was excellent even though there was only the few people witnessing it. At the same time Sabaton was playing in the other side of the city, which seemed to take most of the power metal fans to Tavastia Club. Fortunately, Andre promised that this wasn’t the last time in Finland, so those of you who missed it will have another chance in future. Onrigado Andre and band, just bloody awesome end for the Finnish Metal Expo.


  • Tuomasp escreveu:
    Fev 17 2009, 7h23

    Hyvä raportti. Carry On ja Angels Cry olisivat kyllä olleet mahtava nähä livenä. Ja täytyy Matosin uusintakin levyä ajatuksen kans kuunnella. Hyvältähän se on vaikuttanu muutaman kuuntelun perusteella, mutta aika pitkä levy kestoltaan.

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2 thoughts on “Andre Matos at FME (Finnish Metal Expo), in Helsinki, Suomi

  1. Martial says:

    I dont know why Angra/Shaman weren\’t well known in finland, the land of metal music (right after brazil 😉 )…usually they re crazy about melodic metal…

  2. So says:

    I don\’t know neither!! Maybe it\’s because there are so many local bands there that the foreign ones don\’t appear?

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