Review: Edguy + Andre Matos + H.E.A.T – UK

Swedish rockers H.E.A.T. were the first live band I happened to see in 2009, and what a great way to start the year. Performing at Firefest last year, H.E.A.T. were still impressive despite the fact that they were missing their regular vocalist due to illness. Tonight, the full unit performed a fantastic 30 minute set, with their anthemic blend of accessible rock tunes warming up the crowd nicely for the main act. Former ANGRA vocalist ANDRE MATOS and his band then quite literally turned up the heat with some good old fashioned power metal, which at times, almost matched the speed levels of DRAGONFORCE. A terrific cover of JOURNEY’s ‘Separate Ways’ was the highlight of an impressive set, with Matos proving his awesome talent as one of the top vocalists in the power metal genre.

Nevermind the looming recession, or the post Christmas blues, the Dudley crowd were out in force tonight as a packed Dudley JB’s welcomed back German superheroes EDGUY. This was only the second show of the band’s latest tour in support of brand new album ‘Tinnitus Sanctus’, a record that has had mixed reviews. Despite criticisms received for the album, five new songs were played tonight, and although frontman Tobias Sammet forgot a few lines of lyrics, the songs were very enjoyable. ‘Dead or Rock’ worked well as a set opener, and ‘Ministry of Saints’ was a live masterpiece.

Although the selection of the new songs in the set didn’t surprise many, the old songs played did come as a shock. The 9 minute epic ‘The Pharaoh’ was played from 2001’s ‘Mandrake’ album, as well as even older songs like ‘The Headless Game’ and ‘Until We Rise Again’. As great as it was to hear such rarely played songs, it meant that some of EDGUY’s best songs didn’t make the setlist. ‘Navigator’, ‘Mysteria’, ‘Under The Moon’, ‘Babylon’, ‘Tears of a Mandrake’ and ‘Vain Glory Opera’ were all sadly missing from the setlist.

The band’s two light-hearted singles ‘Superheroes’ and ‘Lavatory Love Machine’ were as enjoyable as ever, and the classic ‘King of Fools’ brought the show to a bombastic close. Unfortunately, material wise, EDGUY have failed to fulfill the potential shown on 2004’s excellent ‘Hellfire Club’, but as a live act, they are still a major attraction across Europe, and with such enjoyable shows as tonight’s, it’s easy to see why.

EDGUY Setlist: Dead Or Rock / Speedhoven / Nine Lives / Until We Rise Again / The Pharaah / Ministry of Saints / Pride of Creation / The Headless Game / Save Me / Superheroes / Out of Control / Lavatory Love Machine / King of Fools


EDGUY: 4.0/5.0
ANDRE MATOS: 3.5/5.0
H.E.A.T. : 4.5/5.0

Review by James Allman

Photography by Alexander Shaw (click here)


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