Andre Matos interview

Read this cool interview made by the Andre Matos Italian Street Team in Milano, last october.

Hi Andre! Nice to meet you again. Let’s start talking about "Time To Be Free". What’s your favorite song, the song you think is able to represent you more and why? 

Hi! When the new album was done, the song I liked more was "Looking Back". It’s not one of the most important songs of the album; off course I like them all, but it was the most exciting one to me, the one that made me proud and that touched more my heart. I’m still in love with it, but I also like "Endeavour", it gets me louder when I listen to it. I really don’t have a favorite one. Each one has its personality, they all speak about different things. 

The idea of introducing the new album with acoustic show sessions was great. Why this choice?

It was an idea of the Label, because it’s a traditional way to promote an album. Not all the band is involved, so it’s like an appetizer before the main course.

Me and Andre Hernandez went for these acoustic sessions; that’s really normal in South America and Japan. It’s really interesting too, also because in each country things are different. For example, when we were in Milano, Italy, we made the show inside a shop; it was really organized in a professional way. But when we did it in Germany, we arrived and there wasn’t a stage, no speakers, nothing. We asked: "Is it here?" And they said us: "We use to do it like this, here, just voice and guitar!". That was a sort of challenge, we couldn’t even be helped by a microphone, very interesting, as a test.

During last summer you went on tour with Avantasia. What kind of memory you have about this tour?

It was really a beautiful experience, none of us members had a main role, so we could stay relaxed and enjoy it more. I like the Avantasia themes and I sang on the first two albums. Besides, I was among my friends, like Sasha, Miro, Robert, Amanda, Tobias and new people that I never met in person before, like Jorn Lande and Bob Catley. I already knew about them, but I didn’t know what to expect. I remained surprised to find them such a valid people, being myself part of a great team, composed by many different personalities.

I think that’s the reason of the big success we had, because it was a big, various and with a high-level of professionalism show.

We have participated to the main European Festivals, like Wacken and Sweden Rock; definitely a great experience for my career.

In fact with this tour also a desire of mine has been realized: you, singing with Jorn!

Really? I already knew about his music and I thought he was a very professional guy, serious, because he comes from Norway… super serious I would say! But knowing him I noticed that he was the one who had more fun, always kidding and it was a big pleasure to share the scene with him. We became friends!

How did you live the experience, in 2006, of "Tommy" (the Who Rock Opera) in São Paulo? Do you think you could do something like that again in the future?

"Tommy" was the strongest experience in my career. For the first time I’ve been involved in a project where I had the main role, with an orchestra and a choir. The interesting fact is that I’ve not been called by them; one day I listened to the radio that they were searching for a protagonist and for other roles. I thought it was a good thing, also because I like the Who’s music, so I went to the audition. They gave me the text to study, I prepared myself and I went to do the test. They said that the winner name will have been communicated in a week. This week passed and I received their call, saying me I’ve been chosen as the protagonist!

Only after they knew I was a singer and it was a surprise for all. During the 3 shows we did, it was full of people, many of them came because they knew who I am and it was really a big success. It’s not been repeated because it was an academic project, but I wish it will be re-proposed in the future, because it’s been a wonderful experience.

I also had to learn how to act, guided by an art director that was everyday there with us; it was definitely interesting.

What do you think about the actual metal scene?

In general I see it very repetitive; I think that people don’t try to be original anymore, but just think on having success. Naturally they can obtain it but it will not be that long. You can’t think like this, just to get fame, success, money…

For me it’s better to create something original that maybe will be not immediately understood, but it will remain during the time and will have its own brand.

Anyway many bands are still quite creative, but not like before; I think the most original creations were in the 70s and 80s.

Are you already working on Virgo – Second Part? I know that you and Sasha are always so busy.

I was already talking with him about it. This is the problem; I already have to work on my new album, Sasha is producing Edguy, other bands and also my album! We have ideas, themes, and it’s almost all ready, but we need time and a label too. I don’t think that anyway it would be difficult to find one label, because the first album is been well conceptualized.

What do you use to do during your free time?

Normally I’m at the pc solving bureaucratic issues, ahah! During my free time it’s known I practice paragliding, but recently I don’t have so much time to dedicate to this big passion of mine and I’m sad about it! Usually I don’t even go to concerts because I’ve to work with music; but if there is something I really like, off course I go! I also like going to the cinema, reading and this is a thing I can do while I travel.

There’s still something new that you would like to experiment?

Something like the Rock Opera "Tommy". Writing something for an orchestra will be really interesting. It’s a project I would like to do in the future. Maybe with my actual band plus the orchestra. The Tommy experience was really important.

This is the second time that you are the Clairvoyants’ guest. Of these guys that have said me so many good things about you. What can you tell us about them?

Really? That’s nice! I can say the same, because among the bands I know they are in the best ones. Good heart people, doing music just for the pleasure to do it. None of them has bad intentions with music. I identify with them, as a friend and work partner, because we have more or less the same philosophy. They are really humble persons and I hope that if one day they will be more famous, they will remain like this. They have good opportunities, because their new album is almost out with their own songs; it’s a thing they had to do, to remove their image of tribute band. They’ve got their way to compose, without being an Iron Maiden copy, also if naturally there’s a little influence from them. They can take off!

What would you like to tell to the Verorock readers, to the Italian fans that love you so much? To the people, that always have this beautiful impression in mind about you, considering you such a humble and kind person?

Yes, every day I receive messages by my Italian fans on the Internet! So many times in Brazil, people don’t have this impression about me! Maybe because they know me from far. Many times we have been playing in big shows or on TV , so we are seen like distant idols. Someone believes I’m an arrogant guy that doesn’t care nothing about others. The truth is that maybe the contact missed. I’m always looking for personal contact; it’s my retribution.

I can’t know people’s opinion if I’m not close to them. I don’t want to live in a world of illusions, like working and doing my things with all my heart, but without knowing how this touches the people. It’s really important knowing it, for an artist. This is my philosophy and I’ve a particular feeling for my Italian fans, that always come to talk to me, searching for a contact.

I don’t know what type of connection we have; maybe because we are all Latin, also if coming from different realities and places, but we communicate good. It’s been like that during all my career, since the first time I remember, in the "Factory" (Milano), many years ago and all the next times I came here.

And now, finally, I’m here again with Clairvoyants, going to sing Iron Maiden, one of my favorite bands.

And you will back again in January, with Edguy…

Yes, I’ll be here again with my own band and we will play classical and new songs. I think that the "package" Andre Matos + Edguy is perfect for this situation, because people will come and get a big party.

I’m already imaging a duet!

It’s not known yet! We’ll see.. it will be spontaneous!

Thanks to CristalNight

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