Andre Matos CAN’T make a bad album! – 100%

Written by TheOnlyMAD on June 11th, 2008

I’ve always been a big fan of Angra, their first 2 albums are among my favorite albums ever and I also like Shaman’s first 2 albums a lot, so when I learned that Andre Matos had released a solo album, I had to get it and let me say that I wasn’t disappointed at all!

First of all, Andre Matos has always been one of my favorite songwriters ever, he wrote incredible songs with Angra and great songs with Shaman, so when I first listened to this album, I expected original and awesomely catchy songs just like the ones that he wrote for Angra and Shaman and that’s what I got, but I was a bit disappointed, I didn’t really like the album that much at first, I guess that my expectations were a bit too high, but then I listened to it again and I started to love it more and more with each listen. Time To Be Free is definitely a grower and after almost a year, it still grows on me, I usually get bored of listening to an album after a few months, but I still enjoy this album a lot.

Anyway, I would describe the sound on this album as epic progressive power metal with classical influences. All of the songs on this album are very catchy, epic and also very original for power metal songs. Most power metal bands today are very generic and unoriginal and I’m sure that a lot of you think that this album is just another generic power metal album, but it isn’t, it isn’t at all. Andre Matos has always been one of my favorite singers ever and he sounds really good on this album, he’s still able to go as high as he could on the Angra albums. The guitarists are not the best guitarists ever, but they are still much better than a lot of power metal guitarists… Most of the riffs are great, but some are pretty generic… The solos are nice and technical. Overall, the guitar playing sounds a lot like the guitar playing on Shaman’s first 2 albums, but its normal since Hugo Mariutti used to be the guitarist of Shaman. As for the other musicians, Luis Mariutti has always been one of my favorite bassists ever, he was awesome with Angra and he is great on this album, but sadly, there is no bass solo on here. The drumming is great, but since I don’t know much about drumming, I can’t really add more… The keyboard/piano/orchestration is awesome, there are so much of different sounds on this album and its one of the best things about it.

Overall, this album is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who enjoy epic and catchy metal! Its definitely one of the best albums of 2007.

Ok, I have to admit that 100% is a little bit too high and personally, I wouldn’t rate anything 100% because perfection doesn’t exist, but the other review that was posted on here makes the album sounds really bad and I think that it deserves a MUCH better overall rating. I’m sure that some people came on here, saw the other review and decided to avoid the album because of it, but no one should avoid it. Anyway, normally, I would probably give the album 90%.

Best songs and why:

Letting Go: One of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard! Listen to the pre-chorus, its extremely catchy, its probably the catchiest part of the album. If you like Angra’s Carry On, you’ll love this song for sure!

Remember Why: This one starts with a slow (and beautiful) bagpipe intro that gets more and more epic every 10 seconds, after that it gets heavy with some agressive verses, then it gets hard rockish with the pre-chorus and then its gets awesomely catchy with the chorus! Great, great song.

Looking Back: The chorus of this song sends shivers down my spine, its very catchy and beautiful! Its one of the slowest songs on the album, but its simply beautiful all the way through.

Endeavour: The best things about this song are the verses, they’re agressive and pretty dark. The chorus is quite unusual, but its a grower and it gets better and better with each listen. Another great thing about this song is the end, the last 2 minutes consist of the same riff being repeated over and over again, but its gets more and more epic and Andre’s voice gets higher and higher.

Rescue: This song has a lot of great parts, the heavy riff right after the intro kicks ass, the verses are very nice and the chorus is, like the one from Endeavour, quite unusual, but catchy enough.

All of those songs are very epic.

Weakest songs (but not bad) and why:

A New Moonlight: This song is a redone version of Viper’s "Moonlight" which is itself a variation of Beethoven’s "Moonlight Sonata". A lot of people say that its the best song on the album, its good, very good actually, but personally, I think that it doesn’t have a lot of great parts compared to the other songs and it never really goes anywhere… Anyway, I must admit that I rarely listen to it, so maybe it hasn’t completely grown on me yet.

Time To Be Free: The weakest song on the album. Its a good song, but its quite uninteresting… The riffs are pretty generic and the chorus is not very catchy compared to the other choruses on the album.


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