Just a short note…

…to say I just came back from the Corciolli concert, it was beautiful 🙂 More details coming soon 😉
So, life goes on and this week will be very busy for me. I thought I would be able to write a review today but I only managed to write one paragraph during my Italian course LOL Not to mention my sucky connection and the fact that I’m virtually internetless at the moment. Luckily though, some people are already posting their videos!!!
Corciolli & Andre Matos ao vivo no Auditório do Ibirapuera – Lançamento do CD Lightwalk 18/10/09
Who wants to live forever (Queen cover)
Videos: Catarina Brussolo & Leandro de Oliveira

About Janus

Janus Aureus is my recently-inaugurated personal blog (written in portuguese, but with some texts in english as well). Fiore Rouge is my old (but still very active - in fact, more than Janus :P) blog (I started it back in 2005). Mentalize is a fan-made website (since 2005). if you wish to contact me for any reason, visit my blog and leave a comment OR see email above (top left) - no, my name's not Andre - actually, I'm not even a guy! LOL Long story... O Janus Aureus é meu blog pessoal - escrito em português - ainda sem muito conteúdo, pois foi começado no final de dezembro de 2011. Já o Mentalize foi aberto em 2005 e está escrito em várias línguas *rs* Privilegio o uso do inglês ali porque o pessoal estrangeiro não tem muitas informações sobre o AM. Quem quiser entrar em contato comigo por qualquer motivo, deixe um comentário nos meus blogs ou use o email que está aí em cima à esquerda (e não, eu não sou o Andre - aliás, sou mulher!).

2 thoughts on “Just a short note…

  1. Waënelin says:

    lucky you…

  2. So says:

    Now that I\’ve seen the concert I must say I agree with you!!! Very lucky…I wasn\’t even planning on going to this concert, my friend kept pushing me to go and in the end I agreed – I\’d be terribly sorry now if I hadn\’t been there!!!! The videos people are posting are turning out pretty good, but they\’re quite "pale" compared to what we saw live – the sound quality was much better, the energy in the air, not to mention that when that wall behind the stage was removed, we could see the park illuminated (this auditorium\’s located inside São Paulo\’s biggest park) and the lights of the cars in the highway next to it…beautiful…and none of it appeared in the videos 😦

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