About the release of Mentalize in Europe…

The article below (written in Italian) estates that SPV, the label which releases the AM works in Europe, is being bought by Sony, which explains why the release of Mentalize in Europe is delayed. We do not know yet when the release is going to happen, but it’s possible to happen in 2010 rather than this year. If you can’t wait to buy Andre’s Mentalize, you can buy the brazilian version or the japanese version in the links below.
Come potrete notare leggendo quest’articolo:


La SPV dovrebbe essere inglobata dalla Sony; quindi gli album in via d’uscita (come Mentalize) dovrebbero subire qualche ritardo.

Non si sa ancora se la release europea/italiana farà in tempo ad avvenire nel 2009 o sarà posticipata agli inizi del 2010.

Per chi non sa resistere e vuole una delle due versioni del cd contenenti bonus track, può ordinarle qui:

P.S. :Dettaglio Bonus Track:
Japan Version: "Forever Is Too Long" & "Teo Torriatte" (Queen cover)
Brazilian Version: "Don’t Despair"


source: Andre Matos Italian Street Team


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