Corciolli live at Auditório do Ibirapuera – 19 October 2009

by: Solange Grossi

Prejudice is terrible, especially when you realize you still carry it within yourself…I think the right thing to do is to act honestly and admit at once that I had no interest in attending Corciolli’s concert. My friends, fans of Andre, kept asking me time and again if I would show up…and every time my answer was negative, for several reasons.


Obviously, as a fan of Andre, I always consider it a pleasure to see his performance live. But the fact that the rest of the band would not be present was really putting me down….I really wanted to see a full concert with the whole Andre Matos Band, given that the last time I saw them was during Metal Christmas (last December)…I was also frustrated at the idea of seeing him play only two songs: when I would finally start becoming excited by the whole thing, it would already be over?! However, the main factor to consider was something else…in my ignorance, I kept on thinking: “Ok, a new age concert…I wonder how that is…does that work?? I mean, Enya never played live…" 😛 I kept telling myself that this is the type of music to listen to in the darkness of one’s bedroom, when the world is falling apart on top of your head and you want some peace and quiet, or when you wish that annoying little headache to go away…hahhaha. That sort of thing, you know? 😛 That is why I thought I would not go to the concert. Fortunately, people talked me into attending it. 


 Andre Matos Brazilian fan-club in front of Auditório do Ibirapuera, in São Paulo, Brazil.


Having said all this, let’s talk about what matters: the venue (Auditório do Ibirapuera) caused an excelent impression right away – I think I can say that on everyone’s behalf. Besides the modern architecture, the building (projected by Oscar Niemeyer) offers a very, shall we say, selected environment. According to one of the people present, “the toilet alone has already paid off the money we spent to come here". Joking aside, the place really does have an admirable infrastructure. I don’t know whether the musicians agree with this or not, but in what concerns the audience…!


Once everyone settled adequatelly on each seat (which were soft, red and numbered), after the third bell rang (yes, things there work just like inside a theatrical spectacle: when the bell rings for the third time, nobody leaves or enters the place), Corciolli and his band mates – drummer Christiano Rocha and bass player Cláudio Machado – start the show.


The first song to be played, Talisman (present in the artist’s brand new album, Lightwalk), caused me good impression: calm, while syncopated at the same time, it was a good choice for the opening act of the event. The second, Amethysios, reminded me very much of some works by the French musician Jean-Michel Jarre – though this impression might be completely wrong, since I’m somewhat ignorant of this music style.


Corciolli, Tatiana and Andre – photo by Sandra Nolting


The way the musicians were displayed onstage obviously caused a certain strangement to an audience (here I’m referring to Andre’s audience, not the band’s, because both of these audiences have radically different profiles) accostumed to focus their attention on the frontman! In this case, Corciolli was located at the left of the stage, while in the very center you could see…the bassist! The drums, completely left aside to the very back of the stage in any rock/metal concert, was at the right! This way, all three musicians were equally highlighted at once. 


Back to the setlist: the next songs were Eldorado (with keyboard effects that resembled an andine flute, in what was a very appropriate mood considering the song was about the legend of the city of gold lost in the midst of the Amazon jungle, as Corciolli himself told us) and Pegasus – the latter had a very classic piano sound and it featured the presence of the night’s first special guest, the Russian violin player Tatiana Vinogradova, member of OSESP (the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo). Due to the combination between her musical and aesthetical gifts, the young woman caused great comotion among the masculine crowd). 😉


Corciolli’s band in action – photo by Catarina Brussolo 


Then came Firefly, Sob as estrelas [Under the stars] and Air, each song with its own mood – including the somewhat "intergalactic" mood (sorry, I can’t find another, more appropriate term to describe some of the songs I listened to that day).


"Now I’ll tell you a curious story… back in the school days, there was this wonderful big theater that had a piano. We had our little gang that would go there during the break everyday to play the piano. And there was this kid, a little younger than us, and everytime we arrived there, he was sitting there at the piano, playing and singing…he was a newbie, he had just arrived from Rio de Janeiro, he had these tiny round little glasses and long hair and he ended up joining the gang."  – this is how Corciolli gave us the tip that the moment for which we were longing had come: enters our familiar maestro, singing with cristal-clear voice the only two Lightwalk songs that contain vocal lines (Star and Dreams). In spite of being available online (cf. ), I hadn’t listened to them yet. Beautiful, both of them, and not just because they’re sung by Andre, no way!


And here, with Andre still onstage, the night’s first surprise was presented to us: the song Oratio, from the album Unio Celestia. Sung in Latin, it was arranged differently compared to the Unio version, and it was without question the most heavy metal song played that night; it awed us all. At the end of the concert, I wanted to buy Unio just because of that one song, it really is beautiful. I have no regrets, it was a very good way to spend money 🙂


Now is the time for a remark that seems pointless, but I think you should know this: the audience wasn’t allowed to film, photograph or enregister the concert in any way. We tried several times, but it was almost impossible to fool the security agents so as to record a full song properly (meaning: without having to hide the camera, trembling, etc.). The fourth time the security guard came to warn me no filming was allowed, I gave up. And that was precisely when Oratio started!!!>: Oh well…


The songs River, Miragea, Supernova and Toledo were then played in sequence. I didn’t like River, it reminded me of a bolero song…and I dislike bolero. Toledo was one of my faves (and again Tatiana Vinogradova was onstage to play it), and as for Miragea…I loved it, it’s my favourite, not considering Oratio!! It made me think of a little boat sailing the seas, it honestly made me feel away from there, haha 🙂


I’d also like to highlight the fact that during a few songs the lightning patterns onstage gave the décor a lot of dynamics, mainly when there was the combined use of those discothèque globes – there were four of them, and when they turned, the overall effect was very cool (or should I say intergalactic, as mentioned above ;))! 


However, everything that’s good ends too soon…We weren’t satisfied, though, so we asked for more! Thankfully, they heard us and did an encore. Andre then announced they would play a surprise-song…but, since it was a surprise, he wouldn’t say its name (!!). "So, now we are going to play…the surprise!!"


And what a surprise…as soon as they hit the first chords I almost had a heart failure: it was Queen’s Who wants to live forever. My reaction at that moment was this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing is, knowing this would be the last song, I was filming (this time I was even ready to take the security dude down!!). That was a lousy idea of mine, because the footage turned out pretty similar to that crap called Blair’s Witch 😛 Listening to that was waaay too emotional. As if it weren’t enough, the wall behind the stage started to vanish discretely, until we were suddenly contemplating the beauty of the Ibirapuera Park all lighted up at night, and the headlights of the cars that were driving through Avenue 23 de Maio…this ending was completely apotheotic, not to say poetic. Those who weren’t present REALLY missed it. All of this could not be captured by the poor cameras of the fans who were filming. I can easily say, without any doubt, that the ending of this concert was as – or more! – emotional than the one Andre and his band performed during the song Endeavour (when the song was almost over, the musicians put down their instruments and leave the stage one by one, until all that is left is Andre and his lonely piano sound).


Andre Matos and fans at the end of the show – photo by Catarina Brussolo 


“You sang amazingly well, Andre, huh! I’m proud!" – a fan shouted. But there was no need to say such a thing…whoever has the ears to listen knows it to be true 😉


The show was over for the second and last time. In the venue’s hall there formed a line for those who wished to shake hands with Corciolli, congratulate him and get CDs signed. Even if this night was not about Andre, he was also quite harrassed; some wanted to interview him, others wanted to ask for an autograph or simply say hello 🙂 Even Sebastian, a famous advertising actor (he’s been in C&A’s television ads for decades now), was there!!! I had no idea he’s into metal 🙂 He was very cordial to everyone, as well as Andre – the difference is that Andre’s cordiality is nothing new to us 😉


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