Shaaman – Reason

Reviewed by Makis on 2005/04/22


AFM Records
  1. Turn Away
  2. Reason
  3. More (Sisters Of Mercy cover)
  4. Innocence
  5. Scarred Forever
  6. In The Night
  7. Rough Stone
  8. Iron Soul
  9. Trail Of Tears
  10. Born To Be

Andre Matos – Vocals & Keyboards
Hugo Mariutti – Guitar
Luis Mariutti – Bass
Ricardo Confessori – Drums


Shaaman! Yes, Shaaman and not Shaman as it used to be. Due to name problems in South America, the band name is spelled Shaaman from now on. "It seems like after a spiritual consultation with an Amazon shaman, Santo Darem, the band decided to get an extra �A�. I am not a shaman, but I think this �A� stands for �Alma� (�Soul� in Portuguese)" says Felipe Machado and it sounds perfectly normal to us.

When Andre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori left Angra, they were facing one of the biggest changes in their life so far. Having sold more than one million records with Angra they dared taking a step into the unknown. And, somewhere on this journey away from Angra, in to the realms of their musical minds, they have found their Shaaman. Already in 2002 the band can celebrate their "Ritual", which marks the first release of the freshly rising band. The album brought innovative melodies and the distinct voice of Andre Matos, one of the most special Heavy Metal vocalists in the world. This combination sent the album to be released in more than 15 countries, and took the band�s name up into the sky as one of the best Heavy Metal bands worldwide.

Three years later comes the follow up as we might say. "Reason" sounds like a magical, extremely passionate album, full of progressive power and atmospheric feelings set to be released by AFM Records on May 17th, 2005. Recorded in Germany and produced by Sascha Paeth (Edguy, Rhapsody), "Reason" is the natural evolution of "Ritual". Full of enthusiasm and feelings Andre Matos� voice leads us again through powerful and emotional songs of high quality. While "Ritual" was privileging the undeniable virtuosity of the musicians, "Reason" opens up space for the heart and soul of the band. The music of Andre Matos, Ricardo Confessori, Luis Mariutti and Hugo Mariutti is now more organic, which helped highlight the contrast between heavy guitar riffs and moody keyboard lines.

To prove this I would suggest you listened to "More". Probably one of the best songs included on the new album and for sure one of the best cover songs I have ever heard. Hit in the 80�s with the b>Sisters of Mercy, the song now sounds brand new, having distorted chords and dark keyboard lines. The low tone of Andre Matos� voice reveals that his vocal spectrum is wider than we thought. The album will also please the traditional metalheads, who will turn up the volume and bang their heads to the trashing sound of "Turn Away", the heavier song of the album. While the title track, "Reason", brings back those good old twin guitars from Iron Maiden or even Metallica. "In The Night" reveals a progressive side of Shaaman which I have to admit I didn�t like that much but if you�re a fan of Journey then you will probably love it. There also is the beautiful "Innocence", an orchestral song with string arrangements that remind me of great ballads from the mighty Scorpions.

"Reason" is probably the deepest, most mature piece of music these Brazilian musicians have done so far in their lives. And "Reason" is a good reason for the �Metal world� to celebrate a striking, spiritual power and to keep it fresh. The Shaaman-spirit is alive!

Album Highlights: "Turn Away", "Reason", "More", "Innocence" and "Iron Soul".

3.5 out of 5


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