Andre Matos – Time To Be Free – (Avalon) Total Time: 69:41

I bet there were many fans wondering what the smiley man from Sao Paolo would do after participating in three bands over the last 20 years: Viper, Angra and Shaman/Shaaman. Well, he just put his own name on the cover, continued with the Mariutti brothers and along with some other additions he created his own band where he could enjoy absolute freedom and control. The album has been released in Japan since last summer and after having a huge success on the charts there it’s time for us to be free and see it released.
    What you know of Andre after all these years is condensed in this release. All the bands he participated in are honoured with some references and that makes the album a synopsis of his musical life. Don’t expect a new direction and a severe change in his style, just enjoy Andre & Co’s talent in what you are used to listen from them. “Time To Be Free” contains 70 minutes of music with lots of different types of songs. There are fast euro-power ones, power ballads, classic metal riffing a la Iron Maiden and symphonic elements that keep you there throughout the whole listening process. All of the songs are of high quality and of high duration – just 2 out of 12 are under 5 minutes, which gives the compositions enough air to breath and expand for as long as it takes since they deserve to. Angra’s fans may find in here something that is closer to the older Angra than what the new Angra is playing these days. Although the extremely technical solos of that era are missing, the ethnic/tribal elements pop up from time to time and power metal is the basis on which the songs are built. Of course, Andre’s voice is leading the ship in this journey and it is obvious that he hasn’t lost anything of his gift in this field. His shipmates are doing a great job in the songwriting and so we are all waiting to see their next stop with the addition of a prodigy young drummer as Andre described him. The first strike of the band was highly effective and a really good start for the new moniker Andre wanted to create.
    Some interesting information on the songs: In “A New Moonlight” there is the theme of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played in an interesting way adjusted in the band’s style. There is also a powerful cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways (World’s Apart)” that was released as a bonus for the Japanese edition. Listen to it even if it takes a trip to Tokyo to get it.

Reviewer: Nikos Patelis

Related Link: Andre Matos’ official site

Added: March 15th 2008

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