Review by Jason Ritchie

Vocalist Andre Matos rose to fame with Angra and Shaman and now for his debut album he utilises some ex-members from both bands as well. Produced by the legendary Roy Z this is as you would expect, well produced classy power/progressive metal although for me the album does lack a real killer tune to grab the listener from the off.

That said some interesting musical intros are used on a couple of songs – an eastern feel on ‘Rio’ and native American Indian chants on ‘Reason’, the latter then explodes into some monster riffs. Matos certainly has a great voice on him, able to switch form real lung busting passages to much more reflective, gentle vocals with ease.

The album for me just needs a little more quality in the songs as it can sound very generic in places. Mind you if you like Angra you will certainly have a ball with this album! ***½


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