Time to be Free – negative review

I was recommended this album by a Brazilian who seemed shocked I wasn’t familiar with André Matos. After a bit of research I learned André is the former vocalist of Shaman, who themselves broke away from Angra in their early years.

Early Angra is not exactly held in high regard, and justly so. The prospect of hearing the music of someone who probably contributed to their mediocrity at the time, did not spark my enthusiasm. The parallels are unmistakable between the music he played then (in Angra), and the music he plays now. If it’s at all an improvement, it’s a trifle one.

The tame combination of Edguy, Angra and modern heavy metal make for something that I don’t think many people could readily take a liking to. Though dotted with South American accents and marked by long, softer songs, it’d be a stretch to call this progressive.

The music bears a bittersweet overtone, though has little energy, and even less aggression. And while the drums can be decorative, the riffs feel subdued. Andre himself is a capable singer, but there is a whine to his voice occasionally.

There are a few catchy, and even moving segments early on in the album, but it runs down pretty quickly. The song A New Moonlight is the real low point of the album. Not only is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata mechanically butchered, but it’s a clumsy would-be epic that is difficult to even sit through. I hear enough timeless and masterful classical pieces bastardized on car commercials, I hardly need my metal doing the same.

Aside from a couple enjoyable moments early on, this album accomplishes little but to serve as an example of mild, tame and ultimately uninteresting metal.

Web site: www.andrematos.net

Track listing:

  1. Menuett
  2. Letting Go
  3. Rio
  4. Remember Why
  5. How Long (Unleashed Away)
  6. Looking Back
  7. Face the End
  8. Time To Be Free
  9. Rescue
  10. A New Moonlight
  11. Endeavour
  12. Separate Ways (World Apart) (Japanese Bonus)



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