Andre Matos – Time to be Free – Steamhammer/SPV – review from the Netherlands written in English

Fons: We all know Andre Matos from his work with his previous band, Brazilian power metallers Angra, with whom he recorded a couple of albums during the end end of last century. After he left, Matos formed, together with two (also) former Angra members Shaman. After two cd’s, the three left, Shaman went on with a completely different line up and Matos thought it was time to record his first solo effort.

So here it is with a title that says it all: ‘Time To Be Free’. By (re-)recruiting his former Angra/Shaman buddies Luis Mariutti (bass), Hugo Mariutti (guitar) and Fabio Ribeiro (keyboards) as well as former Angra axeman Andre Hernandez, Matos managed to form a great band. It is obvious that the musical level is very high profiled. The music on ‘Time To Be Free’ can best be compared with Angra and Shaman; bombastic power metal with a little touch of progressive metal. The album was produced by Roy Z. and Sascha Paeth, who both made this album to have a great sound. With all this said, you might think that this is another classic power metal album…

Well unfortunately, that is not really the truth. I have some issues concerning the arrangements of the songs. Although Matos has a great voice, way too many choruses are played on ‘safe’ and are heard too many times before. ‘Remeber Why’, ‘How Long’, and ‘Looking Back’ do not sound innovative enough to make them really great songs and they also do not seek the adventure such as a band like Angra does. The nine-minute epic ‘A New Moonlight’ is way to slow to keep my attention and only the last two minutes of this song are worth mentioning. There are a couple of great songs on the album. Both opening songs ‘Leting Go’ and ‘Rio’ are very fast and have the sort of aggression I like. Also the ballad ‘Face The End’ is worth mentioning. The album’s best song is the title song, which is a very varied composition featuring ballades parts and solid power metal parts.

‘Time To Be Free’ is a nice show case for Andre Matos to show what the man is capable of. Personally I think Matos is better off in a (well-known) band. With a voice like his, it is better to play in a band that lets him explore the limits of his voice in stead of recording an album that is almost completely packed with safely recorded songs…


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