…Merry Christmas :)

The following files are miscelaneous stuff…there are things by Angra, Shaman, Andre, Viper, Virgo…of course I’ve already posted all of this here before, but if you’ve lost the files (like me :P) or if there are still things you’ve never heard of…well, here’s for you 🙂

http://www.4shared.com/mp3/mrmcgqnb/Angra__Helloween_-_Future_Worl.html – Andre + Gamma Ray live in SP (audio)

01_Helloween – Power (Featuring Andre Matos).mp3          (Andre with Helloween live)

http://www.4shared.com/video/Q9cqsL_s/lisbon_-_shaaman_live.html (video from the ritualive DVD)

Angra – Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Cover).mp3                        (this is the “new” Angra, but I had never listened to it)

angra – make believe(acustic).mp3                       

Angra – AM – Lisbon (Turma da Cultura ’99).mp3                       

Angra – AM – Time (Turma da Cultura ’99).mp3                       

Angra – Live – 1998 – Carolina IV – Baptism of Fire – CD 02 – 09. Shape Of My Heart (Sting Cover).mp3                       

Sepultura_and_Angra_-_Immigrant_Song__Led_Zeppelin_Cover__-_Live_Altas_Horas_2009.AVI                        (video featuring Sepultura and the “new” Angra – again, I had never seen it)

Shaman – Fairy Tale (Gregorian Vesion).mp3                        (no idea if this is actually different from the normal version, haven’t downloaded it yet…)

Loureiro, Kiko – Melhores Riffs e Solos do Angra.pdf                        (best angra guitar riffs & solos – songbook)

_Guitar_-_SONGBOOK__Angra_-_Rebirth.rafael6strings.blogspot.com.pdf                        (Rebirth songbook)

http://www.4shared.com/folder/IU2549cE/Angra_-_Eyes_of_Christ.html (again, the Holy Land demo Eyes of Christ- just in case the other links don’t work)

AINA – Days of Rising Doom (2003).zip                       

Andre Matos Collection – Disco 01.rar                        (haven’t downloaded it, but it’s probably a selection of songs made by a fan)

Andre Matos Collection – Disco 02.rar                        (same as above)

The Best of Angra Disc 1 – By André Matos.rar                        (same as above)

The Best of Andre Matos.rar         (same as above)

Angra_11.Rainy Nights (bonus track).mp3          (this came as a Fireworks bonus track in Japan)

01-Angra – Angel Cry-Time.3gp                        (very bad quality videos – to be watched in cell phones, it says…video p/ celular)

02-Angra- CarryOn.3gp                        (idem)

03-Angra – Make Believe.3gp                        (idem)

15. Who Wants To Live Forever (feat. Tatiana Vinogradova & Andre Matos).mp3          *(Andre + Corciolli – já postei?)

Andre Matos – Te Wo Toriatte.mp3          (the actual name is TEO torriatte, but I can’t change the name of the file because the link won’t work 😛 This was a bonus track from the album Mentalize)

Andre Matos – Don’t Despair (Bonus Track).mp3          (another bonus track from the album Mentalize)

Acoustic_in_Lion_Andre_Matos.rar                        (Andre Matos + André Hernandes acoustic in Lyon, France)

Angry_Maiden_Parte1_Angra.rar                        (Angry Maiden – bootleg)


Carolina_IV_part1_Angra.rar                        (Carolina IV – bootleg)



colaboraciones_andre_matos.rar                        (probably a bunch of Andre singing with other artists – I’ve recently posted many of these, if not all)

Curitiba_Shaman_2001.rar                        (this was Shaman live in Curitiba, back in 2001…)

Evil_Warning_Angra.rar                        (Evil Warning’s an EP, hard to find nowadays)

Extras_Andre_Angra.rar                        (no idea what this is, haven’t downloaded it yet!)

All_Acoustic_Angra.rar                        (I think this bootleg also came out as “Angra live in Argentina”, but I’m not sure it’s the same, have to check…)

Holy_Land_in_the_East_Angra.rar                        (another Angra bootleg, Holy Land in the East)

Live_Acoustic_at_FNAC_Angra.rar                        (I think this came out in a Holy Land box released in Japan or something…)




Live_Sao_Paulo_Radiorock94_Angra.rar                        (this was a live performance transmitted by MTV and sponsored by the radio 89 FM – there are videos of this performance on Youtube)


Make_Believe_Angra.rar                        (I suppose this is the Make Believe single, but haven’t downloaded it yet to check…)

Monsters_of_Rock_Angra.rar                        (this is the 1994 concert)

Rainy_Nights_Angra.rar                        (Rainy Nights single)



Soldiers_of_Sunrise_Viper.rar                        (ok, I said I don’t post official albums, but…these are SO good and hard to find nowadays,especially for foreign fans…)





The_Judgament_Day_Angra.rar                        (the real name is JUDGEMENT day :P)


Shaaman_-_In_The_Night__Ao_Vivo_No_Abril_Pro_Rock_2005_.wmv          (video – Shaman live in 2005)

Shaaman_-_Innocence.mpg          (videoclip)

Shaaman – Turn Away Creditcard Hall 2005.wmv          (video)

YouTube – Show Andre Matos em Manaus – Living For The Night_Cry From The Edge – 12-06-2010.mp3          (audio taken from a video)

https://rs233dt.rapidshare.com/#!download|233l32|134117726|Andre_Matos_and_The_Clairvoyants.rmvb|50724|R~7DC5A10AB2365884A24664D782FE6D66|0|0 (if the link doesn’t work, try this:

http://rapidshare.com/files/134117726/Andre_Matos_and_The_Clairvoyants.rmvb – that’s the video of Andre + the italian band Clairvoyants covering Iron Maiden’s Hallowed be thy name)

Andre Matos RC Dez 2009.pdf          (this is the scan of a magazine called Roadie Crew – that I STILLLLLLLL intend to send to some people :P)

http://www.4shared.com/get/i90mmQJG/Entrevista_Andre_Matos_-_Rock_.html (another scan)


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