Mais vídeos (2)! More videos (2)!

Da série: talvez vocês ainda não tenham visto/ouvido ainda…ou talvez já tenham esquecido, e vale a pena ver de novo ;)

from the “Maybe you haven’t seen/listened to these yet…or perhaps you have forgotten them, and they’re worth re-watching ;)” series 😛

“Unreleased videoclip that I guess can now be released. Too bad it didn´t work out, but due to the state of the music industry, none of us were really prepared to do this as a hobby, so it was better to call it quits.
I put this video together earlier this year from some older footage and some actual footage from the studio and interviews. Some waterfalls of Foz do Iguazu can be seen there as well as my daughter Nina.
Well, hope you like the video at least. Thought I put it here cause the band is no more and it sort of fits the atmosphere and feelings of the moment. Sorry guys. We really tried.
I can also tell now that this song was composed to honor the memory of one of the greatest rock singers of all time: Steve Lee of the band Gotthard. I composed this song when I heard about his death in a motorcycle accident. But it can also be about any loss you have gone or are going through.” – Angra original na TV…


“You published 1,666 posts” – YAY! \”/


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