REVIEW – Andre Matos @ More/Than/Fest – Banská Bystrica/Slovakia

Text: Diana Vigasová

Second day of the “More than fest” festival (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia), has come and the air is getting filled with great atmosphere again, and maybe even little bit greater than the day before… The amount of people seemed to be smaller than yesterday at first, which doesn’t really change power of the feelings, but I could get to the front line at least, looking forward to the magic that was supposed to come!

About half an hour before the official start of the Andre Matos band show, everything was getting ready and prepared and more people were coming to the festival area. The space which was free before, is getting full now.

First tones hitting the silence are changing this ordinary festival place to an epic landscape, magic, fantasy world that takes breath away and brings tears in my eyes (at least MY eyes). “Ancient winds”… And that is just a beginning. Another tones, another melodies, another rhythms, another songs, heard and loved… Then another Shaaman song “Here I am”…

People are holding their hands high in the air, screaming, singing, smiling and whole the atmosphere has something special to it, something that is hard to explain. Funny incidents like not working cables for acoustic guitar in the song “For Tomorrow”, while Andre had to hold his microphone close to the guitar to be heard and yet singing right there to it, just added huge amount of humorous touch into this either way already awesome start to the show!
Songs “Make believe” and “Lisbon” from the years of Andre’s Angra era are making all fans remember words and sing along. Band is having fun, enjoying the show and the loud crowd of people/fans in front of them. I got so happy to be a part of it, to scream my heart out with ones of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard…
So much energy is flowing from this brazilian band, that it is almost “blinding”! =D
Second instrumental song “Menuett” is giving the sign of the first Andre Matos band song coming tonight and it is right – Here we have the “Letting go”! And with all it’s glory!
Oh wow! Andre was moving all around the stage all the time, playing with the microphone like if it was a natural part of him, jumping down from the stage and back to it, adding funny comments between songs, showing his appreciation, joy and thank… it all brings shivers down the spines of a lot of people and I myself was losing my mind in some moments, realising this is actually real – Well, a lot of bands, smaller but also bigger and more famous don’t show a single bit of honour and when there comes a band from such a far away place as Brasil in South America, comes to this little Slovakia state and says that it is honour for them to play for us and they are SO humble, heart-felt and kind… it is truly wonderful. In moments like this I almost felt like crying of being so deeply impressed…
Splendid songs like “Fairytale” and other ones just raised the emotions and whole show was heavy and tender at the same time, full of power, but also love, hitting with passion, but also peace and freedom… just beauty,… breathtaking experience, that has left noone’s heart and soul cold.
I’ve heard from people, that have never seen nor heard of Andre Matos band before, that is was awesome show and that it was even the best show of the festival. It made me really proud to the bone, proud of this band, these artists, these wonderful beings,…
Thing that just added a cherry on the top is fact, that the band ran to the crowd, held our hands, embraced us with warm joy and love… it was just… unbelievable…

I never thought I could be this close to the band… and I don’t mean just those beautiful lyrics, those everlasting melodies, holding their hands or looking to their eyes, I mean whole power this band has live, whole the love these guys give with their characters and their live performance and appearence.

I’m not being uncritical, I know that there may have been bad sound of the instruments in some moments, some false notes sang here and then, some songs that could have been played but were not, BUT I’m not a critic and I never could be, and I think there’s so much good and loving about this band and the show, that it would always overbear the “worse” stuff. Slovakia thanks to you for this unforgettable show and hopes you’ll be back very soon!


One thought on “REVIEW – Andre Matos @ More/Than/Fest – Banská Bystrica/Slovakia

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