Mentalize – review in English

Sometimes you have to pay the price for being too eager to hear the latest release by one of your very favorite artists. Highly anticipated new album Mentalize by Andre Matos is an excellent example of this. I saw my friend Butterflyman having reviewed this album, so I knew it had leaked. Without wasting a second I downloaded it and put it to my mp3 player. The player told me that the bitrate was 128 kbps. I won’t normally accept a bitrate this low, but I thought that it had to do for now. I put the first song on, but what did I hear? The bitrate certainly wasn’t 128 kbps, but 64 kbps or 32 kbps even. The sound was worse than on MySpace, which is a site I despise from the bottom of my heart. God damn I was pissed off. First I thought about deleting the album and listening to it later with a proper bitrate, but I couldn’t stop listening. It was the new album by one of my biggest heroes Andre Matos after all.

Listening to Mentalize proved to be my most frustrating listen of my whole life. The album is truly fantastic, there’s no doubt about it. Rating this album is extremely difficult for me now, since I can only imagine how amazing it would sound with uncompressed files.

The style of Matos’ music hasn’t changed. It’s still melodic power metal, just like on the debut album Time to Be Free. Significantly less progressive and less symphonic, but still very catchy and highly enjoyable. At least this is how I think it will be, because the truth awaits out there somewhere in the future. (I prefer future over history, because future is more fresh. History is kind of worn-out, isn’t it?) No matter how good the songs were, I can’t say enjoying my initial listen too much.

The best songs on the album are the ones from the first to the last. Now I can’t wait to hear the proper version.

EDIT August, 28th: I have a proper version of the album now. I can’t explain how much better the album sounds. I have to agree with Matos; forever is too long. The wait for this proper version felt like forever to me, but fortunately now the wait is finally over.

I still agree with the earlier version of myself that all the songs are good, but now, after many listens, there are several standout tracks. The six best songs are “Leading On”, “Shift the Night Away”, “Mentalize”, “When the Sun Cried Out”, “Violence” and “Power Stream”. And my two least favorite songs are “Back to You” and “A Lapse in Time”, which not surprisingly are the two slowest songs on the album.

Do not download this album. Buy it. If some album has deserved your hard-earned money, it is Mentalize.

About Janus

Janus Aureus is my recently-inaugurated personal blog (written in portuguese, but with some texts in english as well). Fiore Rouge is my old (but still very active - in fact, more than Janus :P) blog (I started it back in 2005). Mentalize is a fan-made website (since 2005). if you wish to contact me for any reason, visit my blog and leave a comment OR see email above (top left) - no, my name's not Andre - actually, I'm not even a guy! LOL Long story... O Janus Aureus é meu blog pessoal - escrito em português - ainda sem muito conteúdo, pois foi começado no final de dezembro de 2011. Já o Mentalize foi aberto em 2005 e está escrito em várias línguas *rs* Privilegio o uso do inglês ali porque o pessoal estrangeiro não tem muitas informações sobre o AM. Quem quiser entrar em contato comigo por qualquer motivo, deixe um comentário nos meus blogs ou use o email que está aí em cima à esquerda (e não, eu não sou o Andre - aliás, sou mulher!).

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