The Turn of the Lights – reviews in English

 on March 25, 2016
After scaling the heights of approval within the melodic hard rock genre and getting many nods of approval amongst the power metal cognoscenti with Angra Mr Matos then turned his attentions to trying to recreate that level of success with Shaman. Solid and worthwhile albums but both he and his former buddies in Angra saw their returns ever diminishing. And now the albums seem to be coming out under his name of Andre Matos. Which at least means he gets the benefit of name recognition for those who remember those expansive and optimistic Angra albums.

The Turn of the Lights is the 2012 offering and it’s quite a serviceable album of tunes for Andre to wrap his fine voice around. The focus is on singing here, not screeching or trying to put on a vocal clinic of singing so high only the local dogs can hear it. Matos appears to be in fine voice and quite happy to operate in registers that allow real communication with his audience. This approach has much to commend it.

Musically the album is very much the sort of hard rock album you’d expect. There are a lot of full bodied songs here with the percussion strong in the mix (though it sounds a tad ‘hollow’ at times) and there are plenty of strongly mixed guitars too. Personnel on this album are Hugo Mariutti on guitars along with Andre Hernandes, Bruno Ladislau handles bass and Rodrigo Silveira pounds the skins.

Lyrically the concerns are fairly generic everyman sort of stuff. Much of it is kept suitably non-committal and allows the listener to put their own thoughts and feelings into the numbers. My copy came with full lyrics in a simple fold out booklet.

Production isn’t the Teflon coated affair you might expect. It certainly isn’t rough but it feels far less Teflon coated that you might anticipate. And this is a good thing. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say that it feels ‘normal’, without the power metal frippery. And it certainly gives the album an honest feel.

It’s hard to pick highpoints on this release as it really is pretty solid and uniform. Certainly if you have the Matos era Angra discs in your collection and the Shaman ones as well then this would be worth a look. You don’t need it, but you will probably like it.

TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on August 12, 2013
2012’s The Turn of the Lights is the third solo album from former Angra, Shaman and Symfonia (and current Viper) vocalist Andre Matos. This time around, the singer is once again working with former Angra and Shaman bandmates Andre Hernandez and Hugo Mariutti, as well as new bassist Bruno Ladislaus and drummer Rodrigo Silveira. This also appears to be the first Matos project not to feature Sascha Paeth production.

If you have either of the previous Andre Matos albums (Time to Be Free or Mentalize), you pretty much know what to expect from The Turn of the Lights. This is a melodic heavy metal album that, while quite similar to Matos’s classic albums with Angra, doesn’t have that band’s progressive focus. There’s still plenty for progressive metal fans to enjoy here, but technicality and epic song structures aren’t the focus. What Matos and company do focus on are glorious melodies, both from the guitars as well as the vocals. Matos sounds incredible here, and while he’s not even attempting the high notes from the Angra days, he does bring a lot of power to the table. Plus you can hear the passion and energy in his voice that was totally absent from Symfonia’s In Paradisum album.

Matos isn’t breaking any new ground here, but as long as the songs are this well written and performed he really doesn’t have to. Fans of his work in Angra and Shaman ought to be more than satisfied with The Turn of the Lights. It should also appeal to fans of melodic metal bands like Pretty Maids, Masterplan and Jorn.

Edition Notes: There are a few different versions of The Turn of the Lights out there, each with its own cover song (or several) as bonus tracks.


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