Fireworks (1998)

1. “Wings of Reality” Andre Matos 5:54
2. “Petrified Eyes” Rafael BittencourtChris Tsangarides 6:05
3. Lisbon Matos 5:13
4. “Metal Icarus” Bittencourt, Kiko LoureiroRicardo Confessori 6:23
5. “Paradise” Matos, Bittencourt, Loureiro 7:38
6. “Mystery Machine” Matos, Bittencourt, Loureiro, Confessori, Tsangarides 4:11
7. “Fireworks” Matos, Bittencourt, Loureiro, Confessori 6:20
8. “Extreme Dream” Matos, Bittencourt, Loureiro 4:16
9. “Gentle Change” Bittencourt, Luis Mariutti, Confessori 5:35
10. “Speed” Matos, Loureiro 5:57
Japanese edition bonus track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
11. Rainy Nights Loureiro, Bittencourt, Matos 5:03

One thought on “Fireworks (1998)

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